CHDR also has a fully-equipped clinical research unit within the VU University Medical Center that is dedicated to clinical PET studies and studies in neurological patients that require hospital admission (e.g. 36 hours csf sampling in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease).

VU University Medical Centers core business consists of patient care, scientific research, and education. Its pivotal points in care and research are cancer and immunity, the brain, movement, vital functions and extramural care. Each year 38.000 patients are admitted to the hospital, well over 300.000 patients visit the outpatients department and 40.000 arrive at the accident and emergency department. Each year, VU University Medical Center produces around 2.000 scientific publications and research reports. The VUmc among others is home to a PET research center, including cyclotron, the VUmc Alzheimer Center, and the MS Center Amsterdam.

About VUmc Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research

The VUmc Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research provides a means to fully develop radiopharmaceuticals for PET and SPECT in both animal and human studies through:


About VUmc Alzheimer Center

The VUmc Alzheimer Center is the largest of the three Alzheimer Centers in the Netherlands both in terms of patient care and research output. Approximately 500 new patients are seen every year, including more than half of all patients nationwide who present with symptoms before the age of 65 years. 

The VUmc Alzheimer Center is:


About MS Center Amsterdam

The MS Center Amsterdam is visited by about 50% of all newly diagnosed MS patients in the Netherlands. The center, headed by prof. Chris Polman, one of the top five MS research groups in the world. It includes more than 60 researchers of different disciplines who collaborate to answer questions regarding the cause and cure of MS.


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