In the past 30 years CHDR produced consistent 15% growth of staff and turnover and has become a well known and respected independent research institute. Our sponsor base is highly international, ranging from Asia, Europe, to the US west coast. CHDR works with all segments of the industry from Big Pharma to small Biotech companies.


Customer satisfaction results 2015

The results are based on qualitative and quantitative customer satisfaction interviews performed by independent research organization – Customeyes, specializing in B2B customer and stakeholder surveys.


General satisfaction with CHDR services:


Scale: 0 to 10

Working with CHDR- Our customers speak about their experience*

*The views expressed here are the sole opinion of CHDR’s sponsors.

‘Perfectly suited to providing innovative research’

Every aspect of a study at CHDR is well-thought-out and clearly executed. This approach is evident even from minor operational aspects such as their IT infrastructure and the design of their building and office space to optimise patient management and patient flow.

Our work with CHDR is generally geared towards developing new methodologies; so by definition it’s highly innovative. CHDR is uniquely suited to tackle difficult scientific problems and challenges. Importantly, CHDR’s researchers are driven by an innate curiosity.

Experimental Medicine Director

Large Biotech Firm

‘CHDR gives clear added value’

Because CHDR is a non-profit organisation, they stand out from other CROs. CHDR channels their revenue back into training, and they are closely involved with the medical school. I’m not aware of any other CRO that does this. Other CROs deliver only standard endpoints, whereas CHDR gives clear added value.

I see CHDR as lying somewhere between a supplier and a business partner. Thus, CHDR is clearly a supplier in the sense that we pay them to conduct our clinical studies, but they also add considerable value as a conventional CRO, based on their in-depth academic background, expertise, and knowledge. In particular, their academic expertise is extremely valuable.

Senior Clinical Director

Top 10 Big Pharma Company


‘More than just a supplier’

Although I would describe CHDR as a supplier, the way they interacted with us was more in line with a valued partner. CHDR went out of their way to assist us and provide support, which was greatly appreciated. For example, we asked CHDR to perform additional work after the study was completed, and they did so without hesitation. When it became difficult to obtain suitable volunteers, CHDR put all of their efforts into recruiting subjects. And when the study was in danger of falling behind schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, CHDR arranged extra volunteers in order to get back on schedule.

Director, Clinical Operations

Large Biotech

‘CHDR provides more than just medical expertise’

Their ability to combine outstanding science with highly effective study execution makes CHDR unique. They go far beyond simply providing medical and research expertise; they bring in people who are highly motivated, invested in the project, and top-notch researchers. This approach is quite different from most other CROs. Because CHDR is a non-profit foundation, they can focus on delivering high-quality research, including cutting-edge technology and implementation.

VP of Clinical Operations

Biotech company

‘Very good at responding to feedback’

CHDR is a very science-focused organisation with high operational efficiency. CHDR is particularly good at listening to feedback from sponsors and then acting upon it. In addition to being highly responsive, they also provide valuable feedback. I recommend CHDR to any research organisation that’s looking for a CRO that goes above and beyond standard research.

Alliance Leader

Top 10 Big Pharma Company

‘A research partner, not just a vendor’

When we first started working with CHDR, we viewed them as a vendor. But as we saw how they work, their valuable input, and their ability to take control of the situation, we realised that they would be better suited as a partner.

CHDR is a unique CRO: because they are a non-profit organisation, their revenue is channeled back into research and training. We appreciate this commitment to helping move science forward. CHDR employs researchers with the training and dedication needed to successfully perform early-phase, high-quality experiments using methodologies that must first be established and validated. Very few CROs have the level of professionalism and motivation that CHDR possesses. CHDR’s mindset is clear: Tell us what you’re after, and we’ll help you find the right solution.

Vice-President of Experimental Medicine

Big Biotech

‘Top-notch scientific support and subject recruitment’

In a clinical trial, the most important elements are medical and scientific support and ensuring the safety of the participants. In all of these aspects, CHDR meets our full expectations.

Head of Clinical Pharmacology

Top 50 Pharma Company