Collaborations with Medical Centres in the Netherlands

CHDR is located in the heart of BioScience Park in Leiden which lays in the middle of the Randstat area (one of the largest conurbations in Europe). The conurbation consists of the four largest Dutch cities and the surrounding areas, and is considered the most densely populated area in the Netherlands. CHDR’s unique location and collaborations with the top medical centers in the country provide a rich environment for exchange of knowledge and at the same time recruitment of different patient populations.



Leiden University Medical Center

CHDR originates from Leiden University (LU) and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) what results in a strong, long standing collaboration between CHDR and LUMC. This gives us direct access to extensive knowledge base in Leiden and at the same time access to different patient populations.



Erasmus University Medical Center

Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is the largest and most versatile of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands.



Academisch Medisch Centrum

AMC in Amsterdam is one of the largest and leading hospitals of The Netherlands. 



Dutch Trial Network Dermatology

Clinical trials are regularly performed at CHDR in close collaboration with the Dutch Trial Network Dermatology - a new network of dermatologists with strong interest in science and education in which more than 170 dermatologists of academic hospitals and peripheral clinics participate. 



CHDR-VUmc Alzheimer center alliance

CHDR has a strategic alliance with the VUmc Alzheimer Center in Amsterdam, for early phase drug studies in patients with neurological disorders and in areas of PET research. 




GMP-licensed pharmacy of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is responsible for all pharmacy related activities of clinical trials at CHDR. 

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Collaborations for laboratory & analytical services


Good Biomarker Sciences 

"Solution driven research: Taking you from pre-clinical to clinical with drugable biomarkers"

Good Biomarker Sciences (GBS) is specialized in fit-for-purpose functional bioassays applied to clinical studies, in the fields of haemostasis, immunity and cellular stress. We also perform biomarker validation across clinical, population and in vitro studies.  

The laboratory is housed in CHDR clinical research unit. GBS is a successful spinout organisation from TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) with over 30 years of experience.

GBS conducts research laboratory services for the study of biomarkers, as well as provides advice on the selection of biomarkers for research protocols, the validation and devising of (new) tests and execution of assay series.


We also work continuously with own research projects, to expand our capabilities, with particular emphasis in bringing advanced techniques to clinical trials required to unravel complex biological responses in humans. Current research at GBS is focused on contact activation, new coagulation inhibitors, as well as immunity and inflammation related targets.


GBS works with Good Clinical Laboratory Practice guidelines and maintains high quality standards in documentation and customer focus.


Analytical Biochemical Lab 

Analytical Biochemical Lab (ABL) is an independent contract bioanalytical laboratory since 1969, located in hte north of the Netherlands in Assen. It is specialized in the analysis of endogenous compounds in bioloigcal matrices derived from humans and animals. 


Clinical chemistry, hematology & virology labs LUMC 

For routine safety, the certified clinical chemistry and hematology labs of LUMC are used (Fully certified – 24/7).


Partners in clinical research



Since 2013 CHDR has established partnership with SNBL Clinical Pharmacology Center aimed at bringing CHDR’s proprietary CNS test battery - the NeuroCart to the US for the first time.

Clinirx Tangent

In order to meet challenges of CNS drug development, CHDR and CliniRx Tangent Research, an international CRO with its head quarters in Bucharest, Romania, have joined hands in edencns.


The edencns collaboration brings together CHDR’s vast expertise in clinical pharmacology and early drug development in the CNS area, and its broad range of biomarkers, with CliniRx Tangent Research’s track record in high quality patient studies and its proven patient recruitment capacity in common but also rare neurological and psychiatric diseases.


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Since early 2012, CHDR and TNO bring together their experience and expertise in clinical research and form a new partnership for food related clinical trials. Read more.