Edencns®, accelerated proof of concept in neurology, psychiatry and pain

edencns® offers drug development services for central nervous system indications. CHDR has partnered with top-level academic and contract research organisations that specialize in neurology, psychiatry and pain, to perform highly efficient studies in healthy subjects and patients with diseases of the central nervous system. edencns® offers a unique integration of the entire process, from the first administration of a new drug to humans, until the proof of its therapeutic concept in patients. Each step of the process is integrated, by making optimal use of validated biomarkers of drug action and advanced pharmacometric analyses each study. These strategies can be smoothly incorporated in traditional early drug development studies, with the best possible study efficiency. It is also possible to use innovative designs, umbrella protocols and parallel trials to improve the information and speed of the proof of concept phase. Each year, edencns® recruits more than a thousand healthy subjects and patients with conditions like schizophrenia, depression, dementia and neuropathic pain in phase I-IIb studies. See http://www.edencns.com/  for more information.


No single organisation can supply sufficient knowledge to support the breadth of areas in drug development.  The network of consultants we employ are all contracted under the eden® concept. Contrary to the many single person consultancies in drug development the edenconsultancy group has access to joint library and database facilities and is supported by a group of juniors and administrative staff. The network therefore can generally provide advise in most areas by highly experienced consultants. The client works with only one contract and does not have to pay for expensive overhead.   edenconsultancy provides scientific advice both in the preclinical area and about clinical development. Regulatory advice and submissions and consultations with EMA and FDA can be arranged by our regulatory consultants.