Centre for Human Drug Research

CHDR is a full service contract research organisation (CRO) located in Leiden, The Netherlands. We provide a full range of high quality clinical pharmacology services to the (bio-) pharmaceutical industry.

CHDR’s vision since the foundation of the company in 1987 is combining knowledge focus and academic collaborations with operational excellence. This long term vision has resulted in our unique market position, helping us to provide additional value to the sponsored studies.

We offer advice to our clients on all aspects of the drug development process. Thanks to many long-standing relationships with our sponsors, we are able to efficiently anticipate customer needs. We offer added value because of our own research programs; we develop new biomarkers, optimise our clinical research methods and add new knowledge and expertise to our consultancy services. This synergy of services results in a unique CRO that operates on a high scientific level but remains focused on our clients’ objectives.