Clinical Studies

CHDR specialises in data-intensive, early phase, clinical studies where pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters are obtained.

Our fields of expertise are divided into three Research areas:



We have a team of volunteer recruiters, statisticians, data management developers, pharmacists and 

quality assurance managers who work in a fully integrated manner to support our state-of-the-art studies. Combining this team with an innovative technologically supported workflow, we deliver accurate and high quality data which meet current GCP and GMP standards. 






Biomarker Development

CHDR has a wide-ranging self-funded research program where biomarkers are explored for pharmacological responses or other indicators related to a therapeutic intervention. Technologies are developed and validated primarily to obtain detailed mechanistic information for use at the earliest clinical stage. Hence, we are able to establish decision points earlier and improve drug development timelines.


  • Various challenge models: CNS, Inflammation, Allergen
  • CNS test battery
  • Various imaging techniques: PET, MRI, fMRI, phMRI, RS-MRI
  • Non-invasive airway inflammometry: eg exhaled and nasal NO, EBC, sputum
  • Stable isotope administration
  • Genomics and metabolomics
  • Circadian Rhythm





Consultancy services

CHDR employs medical experts who use their pharmacological know-how to efficiently guide the drug development process. Their input guarantees the success of every project throughout all stages. 

Among others, we offer help with:

  • Drawing up plans to address all regulatory, safety and efficacy issues relating to the drug candidate.
  • Evaluation of available and appropriate technologies
  • Writing medical documentation.

In close collaboration with academic hospitals and universities, CHDR has developed experience in virtually all therapeutic areas.

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