Expert Drug Evaluation

CHDR is co-founder of EDEN, the Expert Drug Evaluation Network


Drug development requires a coordinated collaboration among various disciplines. CHDR has formed a close-knit international network of renowned experts and organizations that cover the entire drug development process. The Expert Drug Evaluation Network (eden) includes experienced consultants in different aspects of drug development (from formulation to registration), various specialized biomarker laboratories, preclinical service organizations, drug manufacturing services, and clinical facilities for drug studies in healthy volunteers and patients.

The eden concept has been developed by CHDR to provide useful families of related services that are grouped to provide services in a certain area. The area of neuropsychopharmacology is covered by the edencns network. For vascular medicine we use edencvs. With the eden name we also indicate that all partners have been selected to the highest standards of scientific, ethical and operational standards. You will find commercial CRO’s, as well as University medical centres with certain capabilities.

Our clients and relations demand a tailored mix of expertise for their valuable projects. The eden family provides this with low overhead costs but at a quality that is unsurpassed.