A unique battery of CNS tests developed at CHDR

More than 27 years of experience and dedicated studies have allowed CHDR to build a proprietary CNS test battery with the most sensitive and specific validated CNS tests the NeuroCart®. The computerised system rapidly and unequivocally quantifies a wide range of neurophysiological and neuropsychological effects of CNS-active compounds and provides data-intensive quantitative information on CNS-safety pharmacodynamics and pharmacological mechanisms of action. The NeuroCart® is a compact and mobile multimodal test cart, with three different work tables, one for the operator, one for the subject, and one for the research nurse. The NeuroCart® covers all drug-responsive CNS-domains, including cognitive, neurophysiological, subjective, and autonomic tests.



Most tests require only a few minutes to perform, and can be repeated frequently with minimal practice effects. The battery can be integrated in all early drug studies, from first-in-human to proof-of-concept. The logistics of performance and analysis of the tests is (semi) automated, which allows a very rapid turnover and (interim) reporting of the data.

Included techniques


Body sway test (subject with eyes closed).


Assesment of eye movement.


The measuring assistant (operating the NeuroCart®) and the subject.


Cognitive and memory testing.

Data management

The integrated systems for data management, statistics and data reporting allow efficient and high quality processing of the data generated by the NeuroCart®. Our data management software, Promasys®, is an integrated software solution and used as the central database system for all clinical trial data. The close coupling between the NeuroCart® and Promasys® allows quality controlled, blinded interim reports that can be used for dose escalation decisions and the short processing times also allow databases to be closed earlier.

Features of the NeuroCart® compared to other Cognitive Test Batteries





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